I want to learn from you, what will my session be like?

Let go of expectations. Reassure yourself that you are coming for a safe, unique, sensual session guided by one of the most nurturing, caring women you might ever meet. This is a space for you to experience deep, intimate connection to grow, heal and learn. You will be happy you did.

I believe that sex, intimacy and connection can not just be talked about they have to be experienced. This is your place to experience slowing down. Learn to control your erection, ejaculation and read your partner. I could tell you which muscles to squeeze and how to breathe but experience it and you will get it right away. In person we can find the repeatable techniques that best work for you so theres no guessing. Practice control and climaxing from pleasure, instead of fantasy.

I do not follow a set routine except to start by bringing us both completely present and synchronized. Sessions consist of intense, sensual touch or massage, intertwined with an erotic journey that is just right for you. This is why every session is different.

Intercourse is only a small part of sex and not part of my sessions with individuals. My boundaries keep the focus on your erotic sensations instead of your performance. Erotic energy moves through your entire body allowing for a full body orgasm which is invigorating rather than draining.

Experience your sexuality in a new way. 

Gina Vivona