Orgasmless & Wondering

Dear Aimee.

What should I do? Penis In Vagina is great, don't get me wrong but the orgasms with the PIV are very mild as compared to oral stimulation. So I usually windup laying there because I haven't had any orgasm wondering what to do next because men usually roll over and go to sleep.— Orgasmless & Wondering


Dear OW, and the men who roll over.

When a woman has had one orgasm she is ready for more. Women’s orgasms are like stairs that climb with intensity.

Apparently you know what you like. Ask for what you want, wether that is dinner out or oral on you. It is our job to tell them what we like. Pussies are complicated territory, there is no way for a man to know what feels good and it is different for every woman and different every time you are with her. Explore! 

Good sex about presence, reading your partners pleasure and erotic curiosity! I joke that some day I'll create an Aimee Heart Approved lapel pin, showing proudly that they know how to show up sexually with a partner. 

And O.W It’s delicious that you know what you like (pun intended). Thanks for asking me, now go ask the men, preferably before he puts his PIV or rolls over.

Gina Vivona