How Do I Connect With You?

Use my contact form, and please check you've enter your email correctly. Include your phone number if you want to discuss or schedule a session.



What Are Your Hours?

Hours are flexible. I am mostly available business hours but often available from as early as 7am till midnight. I am sure we can find the time.



Where Are You?

My private space, with plenty of parking, is in beautiful, Vancouver, BC, Canada, near Main Street & Marine Drive.  Just 12 minutes from YVR, 15 from Downtown, Richmond, Delta and Surrey. Address and directions will be shared upon booking. 



What Can I Expect?

You experience deep, safe, intimate connection, as I intuitively connect giving you a nurturing, soothing, sensual, journey in an experience that is just right for you. Many of my clients find that by experiencing connected pleasure and full aliveness it then starts to show up in all parts of their life and relationships.
Read client's profound experiences in my reviews.



Do You Do Outcalls?

No, however I do make exception for special needs, immobile and clients with various different abilities. Please contact me to discuss. 



Etiquette & Payment

I am easy going. There are enough rules and expectations in the world. Respect is a given. 

You are welcome to pay me at the end of our session, this is a mutual trust. I prefer cash and accept credit cards as well which shows discreetly on your statement. 

Bring your authentic self.




Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in my comfortable, private, treatment room, while laying on a heated, extra wide, padded, professional, massage table which supports up to 1500lbs.

I use only organic, unscented massage oil, medical grade, hypoallergenic lubricants and I wear no perfume, I am sensitive to fragrances so prefer if you can wear none as well. Thank You. 

You are welcome to enjoy a before and/or after shower, with plenty of fresh towels, and products such as toothbrushes, mouth rinse, hair gel and deodorant, provided for your comfort as well as fragrance for after our session. 



Anal & Prostate Massage

I am known for my 'exquisite' anal massage, as well as my extensive knowledge and experience in prostate health. My anal massage experience is both soothing and erotic. I personally have developed a technique and mapped the anus for full body health. If it is not for you, we stop. 

Whether this is your first time or a regular pleasure I am glad to introduce and/or share my experienced anal touch with men, women and couples. I use a gentle techniques, gloved hand and have a variety of high quality toys to choose from. 

I often hear 'beautiful', ‘wow’, ‘amazing’.

Feel free to discuss issues, concerns, questions or allow my womanly intuition and experience to guide you. Everything is impeccably cleaned and protected~ especially Me.



What Does It Mean?

Does liking prostate massage or strap-on play mean I am gay?

No. Our anal openings are rich with pleasure giving nerve endings. It feels good to most everyone when done properly. 

Being 'gay' is defined as wanting to be in relationship with a member of the same sex. Enjoying anal pleasure means you are alive!! Enjoy.

Being entered slowly and properly allows for physical and mental surrender and an opening based on trust. 



Do You See LGBTQ Clients?

Gladly! I see and welcome all sexual orientations in individual and couples sessions. I specialize in presence and pleasure for everybody.



Sexual Challenges

Can you help me:
Get an erection? Yes
Last longer? Yes
Control Ejaculation? Yes
Control Orgasm? Yes
Pleasure her? Yes
Gain Confidence? Yes
Prostate health? Yes
Meet women? Maybe

You are not alone. I am a sexual health, research junkie, I have therapeutic training and medical support when needed. Let me help with compassion and realistic sensual solutions... Allow my healing caring nature be part of your self care and recovery.

Men: Last longer, have more control, learn the techniques that you already pretend you know. Kidding.
Prostate Health: I am knowledgable and experienced in all things prostate. I have helped hundreds of men recover from enlarged prostates and regulate their PSA numbers. 

Intimacy issues, porn addiction, erectile dysfunction, delayed or premature ejaculation, prostate health and sensitivity...

Women: Low libido, lack of desire, orgasm issues, pain during intercourse, bladder or uterus prolapse issues... 

Couples: What affects me, impacts us. 
Singles: Ask me about courses and events.



Will I Be Comfortable?

It is most important to me that you feel safe. Within three minutes you will feel completely comfortable. If by chance you are not comfortable I will understand and you may leave. I'm aware that people can be quite nervous even to reach out to me.  

Skim my reviews and/or contact me for reassurance You'll feel great when you hear my voice. I genuinely care. I want You to be comfortable. 



Additional Services

I do not have sex with my clients. I do not offer full service. 

"Better than sex" - is frequently said in my office and reviews

I am professional, skilled and have amazing, unique techniques with my hands, body, neck, elbows and mind. My clean clear boundaries offer you a unique journey of luxurious pleasure. 



Got Toys?

Tons. I have an extensive collection of toys that we may incorporate into your session as well as feathers, riding crop, light restraints and other such playful sensory treats. Strap-on sessions can be a toy extravaganza. Everything is hygienic including me. 



What Is The Finishing Session?

My clients request full sessions dedicated to my 'second to none', 'exquisite' ass, anal and genital touch. I keep you on endless waves of full body, orgasmic, blissful pleasure, with less of the full body (arms, neck, shoulders) touch that accompanies the full body massage. 

This is intense skilled, extended, over the top, full genital pleasure finishing often resulting in multiple full body orgasms for both men and women. 

This started as a bet with a new client who had said he had premature ejaculation and I told him he did not and that he could last two hours. It’s since become everyones favorite session - including mine!

See my Sessions + Rates



Role Play

Some light role play is included in the regular session because I am an intelligent authentic naturally dominant woman. Please feel free to inquire about anything. 

Everything I do comes from my Heart, a place of love, safety and nurturing, even the darker sides.



Is Video Available?

Video Zoom sessions are available for new or previous clients to initiate or keep the connected feeling alive in your life. I am not a cam girl. It’s all one way instruction.




Are you nude? Can I touch you?

I start in a camisole or dress, bra and panties and depending on the nature of your session I might remove pieces as we connect and create a deeper and more intimate space. My panties are always kept on.

No mutual touching. I will guide you through pampering waves of pleasurable sensations, with absolutely no expectation on you. Intense and deeply soothing. 



Gratuity or Gift?

Your respectful behavior and your continued support is a gift. Tips are never expected but certainly welcome and appreciated. I do not work with a sliding scale, there are no hidden expectations. 

Although no gift is necessary, I am often asked what I enjoy so here is a sampling: Scarfs of all kinds, I appreciate my collection of them brought and sent from your travels, they truly warm my neck and heart. I like bracelets, dark chocolate, coffee beans, red wine and I collect hearts.

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