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I am proud of my work, my reviews reflect my unique, healing, skilled touch and soft, caring heart.

Same day: "Mind blown." Next day: "Mind still blown." Next day: "Yes you can post it. Mind still blown."  — D.T.

" I couldn't have imagined that any member of the fair sex would show me the kindness and understanding that you did tonight. I will remember you forever." — H.M.  


"...You emailed with a me for three years, through the darkest time in my life... Meeting you was like being held by God... I will cherish the memory and the rock you gifted me and keep breathing you in." — M.A.


"I learned a lot, I really like your perspective, Ive never experienced anything like that and I've been a stripper for 15 years! Yes you can post this and please use my name." —Maxxx

"Very sweet lady, pretty face but kinda on the heavier side. Massage was good. Other reviews on her are accurate - she tries connecting with you a deeper level. She focuses on breathing techniques etc. She's smart and knows whats she's doing. Its not your typical rub and tug, her "neck technique" was stellar." — Perb review

"I've never felt so cared for in my life its like you saw right through me. Aimee you're lovely, all heart. Oh, now I get it." — JB

"That was the biggest O of my life. Yes! Uh-huh! Pleasure is the goal. You are the real thing, more than I expected, I'm so glad I found You! See you soon." — P.


"You made me feel energized and wonderful all over. Your honesty is delicious." — D. 


"Thank you for a truly incredible journey this afternoon - "mind blowing"..Till next time. (and better than F*ing) lol" — M.


"Saw your face in my minds eye, smiling as I walked in traffic amongst many sweet voluptuous women who were aware of themselves. I feel 6 to 10 times more vital. What I noticed was a stoppage of sneezing and waking yesterday from an erotica dream." — R.F.


"Came home smiling. Still smiling. Trying the yes (umhaugh) breath, while pulling up from that point on the perineum. Life is good. Blessings and grace in your life." — R.


"I actually feel really good about seeing you, I don't feel ashamed or dirty... I'm still feeling the effects from our first session you are wonderful. I would like to come in again soon..." —C.


"Aimee I meant what I said before.... there is only one Aimee Heart and you always take me to a state of bliss that no one else can. It's because you care." — P.B.


"That was remarkable... I can't believe You exist... I thought M and I were doomed to a life of co-habitating and 'groping quickies' Ha! I'm telling my mom friends - everyone needs this! ...and thanks for the (partner) shoulder stretches." — K.


"Thank you again for a great time, along with the amazing support / advice provided! I certainly look forward to our next meeting!" — G.


"I just wanted to say ty for tonight and tell you that you are amazing at what you do - no one can match you. There is only one Aimee." — P.B.


"Just wanted to say thanks for the sessions last week. They made my vacation all the more relaxing. I'll look forward to next time." — J.


HhhhhmmmmmmMmmmmmMM! Thank you Aimee.... You are some special woman. I feel lighter and better. No one ever made me feel cared for like you did. I appreciate your time and the generous offer for support. I can make it through this, I am not alone. — J.K.


You taught me to be in the moment, and the skills to use that no one else could. I see the world differently now cuz of what you taught me about myself, my sex life is better, my behaviour is better, and I can't wait to see you again. I just thought I'd let you know I truly understand the 'being in the experience' part of sex now, that is what is important, and not the action itself. Because of this I will always want and continue to see you just to help ground me and keep my values and skills around sex on point. So just thank you so much for everything and I will contact you in the near future for an appointment. — P.B.


Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful session and memorable end to my Vancouver vacation. It was great. — J.


That was the most erotic experience of my life, best prostate massage ever! Yup, better than sex! You are beautiful, smart, sexy, funny, I can't believe how comfortable I was with you. I will definitely be back. — D.T.


Thank you for an amazing session yesterday and also for your advice and guidance. — P.


I have not stuttered since our session. I don't know what you did. I do not think a massage to fix my stutter. What they say about you is true. You know what you are doing. I can talk again... — P.


I am still smiling, breathing deeply and humming...... will try the method later on! I finally got it I think I'm maturing! Many thanks Wonder Woman! — M.


Again, thank you so much. It feels really great to know that there is somewhere where I can express myself. Thank you so much for giving me that opportunity, you have truly made a very positive impact on my emotional and mental health. — B.


You are clearly both skilled and creative and am am thrilled to have found you... — M.S.


Review away my dear! Thank you again. I'll be back. You can guarantee it. It was as magical as before. I feel... Lighter? Thank you for showing me how goooood it is. — E.


Floating for days... better than sex! — M.


Thank you again. I'll be back. You can guarantee it. It was as magical as before. I feel... Lighter? Thank you! — E.


...By the way, I'm reaching out to you again because I feel very comfortable with you. Thank you for establishing that kind of connection. — B.


Now that I know 'where and how' I had my first big 'O' with my husband of 14 years! You made me feel sexy safe and comfortable I learned more in 2 hours with you than in my 27 sexually active years... I wish I had notes. Thank you Aimee for what you do. — M.S.


Thank for a very interesting,relaxing yet uplifting session yesterday 'twas loverly to spend a couple of hours with such a gorgeous loving person! — M.M.


Just wanted to say thank you for the time we spent together. It was very arousing for both my body and mind. Hope we can repeat it soon. I did appreciate you, a very sensual lady. — R.


Our session was mind blowing and left a residual resonance deep within me for weeks. I really appreciate your sensuality and your spirituality and marvel at how you merge them together. I also was amazed at your intuition in creating role play and how easily I slipped into it, it's as if you know me on a deeper level. I was also surprised at your openness... it was certainly beyond my expectations... I certainly will come back for another deep session with you. — S.


I just wanted to thank you for your care, attention and education. I learned a lot from you. I was amazed at how easily and completely you relaxed me and opened me up. The feeling was something I will not forget... my orgasm was the strongest and longest lasting I have ever experiences. Truly amazing! --You certainly may post that to your reviews. — R.


Thank you so much for yesterday! It was real eye opening and you taught me a lot of stuff, I've never had an experience like that before and I will definitely be back 1-2 more times before I leave, to learn as many things as possible off you :) thank you so much :) - you can post that to the — M.


Thank-you for the session last night. It was quite a journey and the most intense big "O" I've ever had! Also thanks for looking after me when I got the shakes. The prostate and ass massage was amazing. I've never had anyone do that to me before but that's the part I liked the most...  — I.


Thank you again. It was amazing. Don't know how to explain it but I FEEL different. You're the best and I will definitely be back at some point. I felt hypnotized, which was amazing. I've never experienced anything that intense. Just wanted to say thanks. Of course you can put it up! — E.


I have seen you for many years and you have given me my 10's and I will never forget that. I will always remember you and your smile. Thank You for everything. — P


I've been a houseboy for 40 years. I could not imagine my life with out this. I now am free. When I met you 2 years ago you made it special. You showed me respect. You said I am ok. I am not ashamed and I don't think I am bad because I am Aimee's. You tell me to help strangers and serve my family for you. I am proud that I serve you. I am happy and scared every time I see you. Life is different now my family and wife are happy. I make more money. This is the longest I've gone without serving. I'll come if you need me. I am happy I found you. You are a healer. You cured me. Yes please post it maybe it can help others. I don't know what you do but you are very good at it. — M.


I spent an afternoon with Aimee and she took me places I had no idea actually existed. I am anxiously awaiting my next visit so I can spend some more time with her! — Northern Bear


Thank you for allowing me to feel so comfortable. The space was peaceful and welcoming. My experience had it's profound moments. At one point I felt that I had known you for quite some time and yet that was the first time we met. How did you do that? Your intuition is truly on a level beyond words. Thank you for sharing more about yourself at the end. You are a smart, beautiful woman with soulful eyes Amie. Mmmm — KneedMoreKilts


Thank you again so much for the incredible experience. You truly are a beautiful soul xo — R.


Thanks for the wonderful, healing, session. I am still in awe. Feel free to use it, Aimee. I look forward to seeing you — T.


Thank you for last week Aimee you're a sweetheart and a professional. We both felt good about seeing you, it was more than we hoped for... Looks like a 'hot summer'. — E & C


It's 100% truth so please feel free to use it. Will definitely make that noise as I exhale... Just a quick email to say thank you for a wonderful massage. I've not felt that relaxed and aroused in a long time. I'm still feeling that air of spirituality and contentment. I will definitely be back for another massage soon Once again, thank you for that amazing experience! — A.


Was really love, thanks again!! Yes breathing out and making noise!  — G.F.


I have never had the feelings from a massage last for almost two weeks like this. I barely said two words the entire time, but the insights you gave me were spot on. You massaged my life. Tx for the stretches too. See you again — D.J.


I just wanted to say that you provided an amazing experience...everything you promised....it was extremely erotic and my orgasm was so intense... simply amazing. — D.


Thanks for today. I am practising the "expect things to go well" mantra and let you know the results. I really appreciated your positive energy and warm demeanour. — R.


Aimee is great!!! what more can i say. She provides a great massage and knows how to ease nerves. Beautiful heart and a beautiful spirit. Hope to learn more of the tantric arts!!! — President's choice


You're a complete Woman with beauty and strength, perfectly balanced with a dash of trouble. — C.Y.


Aimee is great!!! what more can i say. She provides a great massage and knows how to ease nerves. Beautiful heart and a beautiful spirit. Hope to learn more of the tantric arts!!! — President's choice


Feel free to use my review. Meant every word. Thanks very much for yesterday. It was a lovely way to spend a Tuesday evening. I felt very relaxed throughout the entire session, as you provided such a safe and connected space for us. — K.


Saw Aimee yesterday for massage and more. Her positive reviews are accurate. She is a mature, confident, sensual and sexy woman who will take you to a place of arousal and pleasure. I enjoyed a whole body arousal for 60 mins, from start to finish. She is easy to connect with... she starts gazing at you with her sensuous eyes and warmth. She knows what she is doing with the prostate and has toys to back it up . Her place was warm, clean, and inviting. Definite repeat. All info on her website. — Perb Review


I think this is a real great post. Fantastic. — Wittmannen


I love sensuality, hugs and the beauty of your eyes and smile and for me that is the best! I am so pleased I have met you. — M.M.


My dear amazing wonderful beautiful Aimee. What a feeling I have!!! I am moving my head and body around and making noises and breathing and feeling incredibly fluid and energized. I've not felt this way in a very very long time!!! I continue to be conscious every moment of this and feel your presence singing in my spaces to be open, fluid and big!! I am so glad you created the loving and warm presence, space, and time with your beautiful touch, your soft tender skin, and your loving sensuous body. I am more than grateful!... I wanted to tell you too how perfectly the image/feeling of warm water flowing resonated with me. Water is my element. Of course you may use the letter i have written in your testimonials, i would be happy to know it might help to open doors, hearts, minds, bodies. Thank you too for the wonderful release.. — T.D.


Aimee thank for formidable evening, first thing when I come back I will be seeing You, thank You again, You beautiful woman in and out. "Please add my name, you deserve everything, You are amazing." — Adam


I fell in love when you opened the door. I have never been able to ask for what I wanted and you just knew. Thank you for talking with me afterwards. You are a special, beautiful lady. That smile, those eyes! ...Yes you can post it, see you again soon. — T.T.


A thoroughly enjoyable and unique experience this evening. Thank you! You are a beautiful lady inside and out. — D.


Holy Aphrodite. You turned this jet lagged old guitar slinger into a Jeddi Knight! No stopping me today,all fired up. — M.M.


Aimee.... Thanks for an unforgettable massage. Never experienced anything like it. Just thinking about it now, makes me smile. Please add me to your testimonials if you wish. You're a tantric rock star. — T.T.


What makes you so interesting and appealing is how you look at life and how you are happy to be who you are. I mean that in a positive way. You portray sexuality in a different way. Maybe a more realistic approach, You enjoy it not fear it and live it. You come across as understanding partly because you take time to dialogue with people instead of writing them off and disregarding them as wasting your time. You really care and I feel it. The world needs more Aimee. — R.S.


 ...you are the best sex I've never had. — J.R.


Thank you for last week. That was really good. I did no expected that will go that way. Looks like I can learn from you lot of things. Was perfect. Thank you my dear. — T


Bodyslide/massage/hj - who's your best? Aimee Heart is the sweetest of all. ...Aimee is probably the most sensual and most erotic. not exactly the a hot body however..small bbw. — Perb review board:


Sure you can use it...cause I do mean it... Wow, I'm addicted now! I definitely want to do that again. Love ya — M.


That was the most incredible prostate experience ever! You are the master! I can't wait to come back. — D.O.


Thank you, thank you. What a unique experience! You are a delightful, ever so pleasant, skilled and dedicated person. I am so glad I finally found you. I feel invigorated after our time together and my leg is noticeably stronger. You will be seeing me again for sure. — G.


Thank you for a wonderful evening. I don't think I have ever been that relaxed and had so many wonderful feelings at one time. I know you said it gets better but I never expected to experience what I did & felt last night. You are amazing and I thank you for everything. I look forward to seeing you on my next visit. Thanks again, your the greatest. — J.V.


I want you to know that you have inspired me, you have taught me to respect my body and to preserve my dignity. Not to just shoot my load into anywhere. As a matter of fact, the woman I told you about wanted me to go all the way, and I respectfully declined. Believe me it was You playing in the back of my mind to respect my body. You have raised the bar for me. And I have yet to find another woman who is so passionate about what she does and how she does it. I don't get involved in garbage any more. I can't. I think of you. With much admiration. — S. from New York


What a magical and surprisingly healing experience! You were so generously giving of yourself in helping others. You are a true healer. I really see that about you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart - and my bottom!! :) ...I had only the vague hope of experiencing something that will open me up and make me more free and leave me feeling loved and supported. You gave me all of that and more. I left feeling empowered... — Alicia


I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience with you. I wanted to tell you how much the life that has returned getting rid of all the negative. Has brought release of all the tension. Aimee Looking forward to continue in the next session. — Released


I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience last night. I just floated back to the hotel and slept like a baby. You are fantastic. I can't wait for my next trip back to Vancouver. Thanks again... Yes you can post this to your review page. I can't believe that it could get any better, I look forward to my next visit with you. — J.V.


...sex isn't always so gratifying. Your sessions are soo amazing even without f/s. (full service = sex) — S.S.


I really enjoyed our time this morning, it was fantastic, and the only way to have a massage. You have spoiled me forever, how can I ever get a regular massage again. Thank you very much, you are so talented. — N.


More than your magic touch, your insight and words really helped me. I have my kids back in my life, new job and I don't know why, but i think it has to do with you. Thank you Aimee, from the bottom of my heart. hehe — K.K.

Aimee, thank you very much again for the great night and for being you, the loving, nurturing, wise mommadom you are! I've only known you for a month or so but so many things are changing, I feel a lot more confident and I generally like life better, happier. — P.


Sure you can post it to the reviews :) I was just thinking this morning how you put me to ease... Aimee, just wanted to say hi and thank you for the awesome session. I know I'm demanding but I got all i wanted and more. You're wonderful and I left very happy and hyper like I drunk some crazy energy drink. :) Not sure where you're taking me but I'm liking it and can't wait to see you again. — T.


Thank you so much for a delightful time yesterday. You have a great gift and I have not felt so good in a long time. Your loveliness shone through and I was smiling many times as I began my eastward trek. Hopefully I will wind up in Van again stay in touch. Many warm thoughts. — B.


That felt absolutely Amazing! I am completely relaxed I cant believe the things you did to me and how great it felt. Ive only had 1 prostate massage before today. — A.


Thank u very much Aimee, most memorable amazing hour I had w/ U, U have lovely hands, see U again. — S.


Thanks Aimee you gave me hope that life can be good. — B.M.


My sweet woman, I hope it will be in August time [return]. I am really longing to be with you again. Thank you for the photos which you sent. They bring back fondest memories of a woman who is quite UNIQUE and who is so warm and wonderful. I send my love and hugs. I long to hold you again and to feel hard in your magical fingers. xox — K.A.


Thank you for the pics sent. I love to relive the moments I spent with you. You're indeed a gift. I REALLY look forward to seeing you again. I hope life is good for you and to you. Go in peace and bask in the love I send you. Kisses — K.


Thanks for yesterday morning. I'm still glowing from the inside out - I feel much better - not sore; so alive; and so much more aware. I can't wait to see you again. — M.


I will tell you this:...........for our last meeting, you made me feel so wonderful. I felt loved, was with a beautiful woman, was with a lady that made me feel loved, wanted, and appreciated. It was soooooooooooo good. — V.S.


9 days ago - you were terrific as usual. Still feel the buzz. Hope to catch up with you soon, maybe next month :) -Sure, you can post that... Coz you ARE the best! — JR.


Hi Aimee: Just to let you know I had a great time with you today and enjoyed talking afterwards (a lot). Your role-playing was superb and actually had me really nervous at times, when those scissors came out. Thanks — R.


There is a place beyond sensual, I did not know what I was missing. Thank you Aimee. Today was more amazing than I ever dreamed of. and your so pretty. I'll see you soon. — J.C.


I don't know what it is about you but you stir the man inside me. I hardly get to see you but just knowing you are there somehow makes me feel better. — F.G.


Thanks again for the wonderful session last week.As usual it was very enjoyable and gets better and better each time.I look forward to our next session. — C.A.


I'm so happy with my life and I owe mostly to you my dear. The pain [of loss] is still here. But every day is better. — R.C.


(same day) All I can say.....Wow. (next day) I am still basking in the after glow of that mind-blowing experience..... — Michael


Just to let you know... I have applied some of the massaging techniques on my wife, and she really appreciated it. How your work can improve your clients' love life! — G


A highly professional job with a great finale, performed by an intelligent and sympathetic woman. That was just wonderful! Thank you enormously. I certainly will come back for another session. — G


Thanks again for the wonderful session. You are a delight to be with and at no time did I feel uncomfortable. As I said you are sweet and caring and very lovable. I will be coming back. You are a class act that others in the business should learn from. Thanks again. Ps Thanks for songs. — C


Hi! I just wanted to say Thank You again. I can't count the number of times that I let out a deep sigh / breath on the way home. I feel like you have lifted a lot of weight off of me. I needed it. :) — C.


My boyfriend took us to see Aimee and I had no idea what a profound experience sexual healing could be. It touched me on many levels and brought my lover and I closer than I knew possible. Kissing Aimee was like nothing I had ever experienced. It was as if I was kissing God, with divine ecstatic energy entering through my mouth and electrifying every part of me. I was crying and shaking as layers of armor came off of me. What emerged was a beautiful woman who had been buried underneath years of judgement and shame. Trembling, naked, this woman opened her eyes to look at her man. He looked at me with new eyes and said, "Nice to meet you," as if he'd been waiting all these years knowing she was in there. We held each other and wrestled passionately, unleashing feelings we never knew we had. Thank you, Aimee, for an unforgettable session that has changed me forever. — K


Aimee is seductive. Passionate, and keen to please and tease. You are the best. Very relaxing time. I'll c u again. Love your neck. — L.


i just want to really, extremely THANK YOU!!! because of you my orgasms are unbelievably amazing!!!! my entire body just spasms out with pure erotic joy! also everytime i think of you and your fantastic touch, it makes me squirm and instantly hard!!, i want to tell you how grateful i am. — A.A.


Aimee Heart you're beautiful....your are so sweet and sensual, you exude kindness, playfulness, and great karma. I am so glad I found you. — D.


Thank you for the unforgettable experience you gave me last week.It was very enjoyable and you are a class act.I am going to get my prostate checked as you advised. Could you tell me where I can get some of the (chinese) viagra you provided. I will be in Vancr between xmas and New Year so hope you are working. — A


 Aimee.................................WOW....................and,.............WOW..................... What a great experience...............................I slept with no stress and no worries.......felt totally relaxed..... thank you for being so kind and generous with your time and energy...I truly picked up on it and you made me feel very comfortable....... it was VERY energetic for me and the feelings of sensuality were pulsing through my body all night...... Thanks again for seeing me on short notice and being very accommodating.... — T.


Aimee. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Your an angel. Incredible, electrifying experience like never before. — J.


Guys, you have to see Aimee for the best massage ever- first she treats you like a friend and makes you feel so welcome - I had the 2 hour massage it was so relaxing and the ending is so wonderful it is hard to put into words. A repeat client for sure. Thank you Aimee you are the best and you are so hot looking too. xoxoxo — jon


Thank you so much, for the great time. It was energizing yet it seemed to have taken a lot out of me too. One of the best experiences of my life, in many ways. Glad we met. See you soon. — B.B.


Your session are the best and I feel so comfortable. I can almost fantasize about them. I enjoy every minute with you my little love domme. Talk or see you soon. — R.


Aimee, i want to thank u again for the unbelievable sexually powerful orgasm u gave me, it was the best one i have ever had! i do want to have another one i cant stop thinking about it. — AA


Thank you so much for today. I really enjoyed our time and look forward to seeing you again. You are very special in your ability to let me explore new sensations and feel so totaly comfortable and safe doing it (not to mention that I find you incredibly gorgeous and sexy). Thanks again and I'll see you soon. — J


I had the PLEASURE of seeing Aimee. I went to see about her prostate massage. As i was enjoying her massage and awesome body against mine. I also looked down and saw her gorgeous feet... This last session about a month ago.... The hottest experience of my life.. Aimee is a very kind-hearted understanding yet totally dominant when she has to be..I totally submit to Aimee.. I love her feet and sole-soul). — Rikki


Thank you for lovely interlude. You lovely woman, dream lovely lovely, I am floating for days. Lovely smile lovely warm hot woman. You the real thing I dream of. See you soon lovely Aimee. — Ben


I just wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful afternoon! It was truly fantastic. I don't remember when I felt this relaxed! Your touch was truly amazing! EXACTLY what was looking for. And your massage was incredible! I do hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did!  Fell asleep last night 'breathing you in' - took myself right back to your room! Slept amazing! Thanks again!!! I look forward to seeing you again soon! xoxoxox — M.


Aimee... We just want to tell you how lovely - not only you - but how lovely our time was with you. She said that at no time was she uncomfortable and was thrilled that I was there. We will be back again. --Xoxo — R & L


Wondering if I could see you again sometime. A year ago was really the best hour and a half I've ever spent and I really could use a little of your wonderful touch:) — KP


I really like you, not just as a service provider but mostly as a friend/lover. You are also very different from other ladies and you do work from the heart, its in your name. LOL — P.F.


Aimee Heart you are a precious delicious truth speaking men healing beauty ravishing courageous life artist and master. I close my eyes and I can remember a dozen moments and more of our magical dance. — P.C.


Even the slightest memory of being with you makes me feel so complete. — A.D.


Thanks, Aimee. That was fun this morning. I'm still thinking about it, hours and hours later :) — D


You are totally genuine in what you bring to a session and in who you really are. — PV


I had the pleasure of a session with Aimee not too long ago, and I was very pleasantly surprised. She had emailed me some photos, and she turned out to be even prettier in person. But much more important than her looks is her genuinely caring attitude. She truly puts a lot of soul and unconditional love into her treatment. We clicked on a very personal level, and I came away feeling much better than if I had simply received a "rub and tug." That's not what Aimee does, and I'm very grateful. If you have not read her other reviews, please do so or at least carefully read her website before contacting her. She may be a youthful, but she is 39-years or better, something which may put off younger gentlemen. — O.


I'm not sure exactly why but I came upon our emails after being away from my hotmail for a long time and I went to your new website. Reading about you and what others have to say about you has had me thinking about you non stop and I am aching as a result. I will have to find another time. — J


I'm sure you hear this all the time, you are the most sensual woman I have ever met. Thank you for the most erotic experience I have ever had. Just like you said, to be so relaxed and excited at the same time is such an intense pleasure. I can not wait to come back and see you again. — R.E.K.


Yes you may quote me; You are a treasure that fellows will truly enjoy. I truly loved our last sensual playtime together! I have enjoyed all your sexy website photos and descriptions. You are such a loving, enthusiastic, sensual woman and I enjoy your 'warm, nurturing, loving touch, flow of pleasure' style- you're such a sweetheart! I would love to see you again soon- an intimate sensual and erotic time to feel your feminine hands all over me! I love the highly sensual yet relaxing. I desire to experience your fountain of female sensual energy!!! — RN


 I am trying to find the very sweet woman I visited one night when I was visiting my sister in Vancouver. Was that you aimee? If so, do you remember me? I CANNOT forget you!!!. How could I? it was just an elating session!!! You were so sweet and sensuous and erotic and HOT!!!! I still reflect on your very arousing session!! No im not in Vancouver but may be coming next month for a visit. Just trying to find the right YOU. Hope you are her. And if so, I visit I want to see YOU and I want more than an hour this time. — S.BM


Thank you Aimee for a most enjoyable time. Looking forward to seeing you again. — MD


... well-versed in life and technique and you left their sessions feeling like you'd had an intensely erotic, liberating, satisfying experience. The one lately who is reminiscent of what I'm talking about is Aimee Heart, she's authentic in my view.... Tantric discussion thread...


I don't know if you will remember me or not, but I was in Vancouver last may visiting for work, and was lucky to get to spend an hour with you!! You were a tremendous host, and I wanted to thank you again for showing me a good time. You had a perfect body in my mind. Anyways, I came across your email, and it reminded me of the great trip I had, and how you started it off right!! It was perfect. Thanks!! — AL


Incredible, it feels like you have four hands. I am so glad to find someone who knows what she is doing. I will send my friend he will go insane. See you again soon but not soon enough for me. — SF


nothing like aimee,i don't know, if u do voodoo things on me,when ever i see u, i feel very special. — SZ


first time id visit her, im a bit nervous, she was so pretty , and hot she make me hot again and active again,,,, ill come back agin for her.... — gandor


I just wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful experience. I feel much more relaxed and centered than when I walked in thanks to your energy and spirit. — IC


You love it so much - it makes Me feel good to love seeing You so much! I feel so lucky to have found you. — MO


I also recently saw Aimee for an hour, which should have been 90 minutes to take advantage of her skills. She is really into the session and comes across as very sensual and works to ensure you are completely satisfied. A tantric type session but more for sure. — SI


Aimee is short and curvy she is attractive and very pleasant. She is a very hot, sensuous lady... The massage was excellent, everything she was doing felt terrific. When she asked me to flip over I was very surprised when she started to work my neck and shoulders again while sliding her hands down my body while massaging and teasing. She would have her hand on me while she kissed my neck and I could feel myself building, yet she was in no hurry. I have been back several times and each time seems to be better than the last. — PV


I have to concur with the general consensus. I've seen Aimee twice - and she is a very sweet lady. One of the better non-FS experiences I've had. She is 40 and has a bit of belly (not a lot). She has a very attractive face and a wonderful, giving, sensual personality. She is open to sensual exploration within the non-FS parameters. As others have noted - there is a lot of sensual moaning, cooing, etc. which can be a turn on. Most importantly she is easy going, fun to be with and clearly wants the customer to have a memorable experience. Highly recommended. — JL


Most erotic experience I ever had. The slow build up to Aimee using her collection of toys on me was fantastic. Her tantric experience with her erotic body slides were phenomenal. My climax was explosive... — RW


really enjoyed myself yesterday - I thought the experience bordered on hedonistic - I particularly liked your excitement and enthusiasm. I look forward to a similar experience in future. — NI


if they gave a medal for sensual pleasure yours would be gold. — JC


That was THE most intense orgasm I have ever had!... I am sorry I am going on vacation tomorrow cause I wont be able to see you next week. — MR


I used to see a masseuse a therapist and a chiropractor, now I only see Aimee and I feel better than ever. — FM


You make me feel wanted and alive. You make me feel like a king! — BU


It just keeps getting better and better each time I come over, your hands knew exactly where I needed touch the most. I feel loved and healed. — SH


Yesterday was more wonderful than I have ever thought I would ever experience. — PE


I enjoyed myself immensely with you. You are a lovely seductive woman. In fact, I could become addicted to you. You are warm, provocative and sensual and very sexual and responsive. I would do it again at anytime. — BE


You are 'the most sensual woman' I have ever encountered... that was an amazing erotic experience... I've never lasted so long on the brink of pleasure. See you soon. — HV


I love your touches, your caresses, and the way your body felt against mine. Very sensual. You really love what you do, and I felt it. — VM