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Aimee Heart
Sensual Healing Experiences for Men, Women, and Couples

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Tantric Sensual Healing Massage

For Individuals

This is a deeply intimate, connected, intense personalized, erotic, sensual journey into pleasure, intertwined with intuition and wisdom. 

I sing, breath and hum on you while awakening every bit of you.

I am also known for my exquisite prostate and anal massage good for every-body.

Discover pleasures that you may never have known to ask for.
60 - 90 min or 2 hour sessions available.
Connect with me for rates and bookings. 

For more information on my exquisite anal/prostate massage please refer to my FAQ page.



Finishing Session

Extended Focussed Genital Touch
For Individuals ~ By Popular Request
Most popular and unique session is focussed on all genital pleasure. 

This session skips most of the massage while still accessing my exquisite, connected, intimate touch. An extraordinary and intense session focusses on your most sensitive areas, the height of pleasure and the edge of ecstasy.

Perfect for men and women wishing to explore a full session of artfully skilled safe sensual all genital and/or ass massage this session may include, prostate/anal massage, G-Spot stimulation and appropriate creative hygienic toys.
Allow yourself the luxury of extended waves of pleasure.
Yes... two hours of ecstatic bliss is completely doable.
This is a great session for men to practice lasting longer. And for women to focus on pleasure sensations. Couples welcome!

60 - 90 min or 2 hour sessions available.
Connect with me for rates and bookings. 



Toy & Strap-On & Exploration

For Individuals

This is for men and women wishing to spend a full session exploring the many wonderful applications for toys and strap-on play. My natural dominant nature and skilled techniques, allow you to feel safe. I have an extensive collection of condom covered, hygienic toys for us to choose from. 

This session may include, prostate, anal and/or g-spot stimulation.
This is a great session is also great for men, women or couples dealing with physical or health limitations.
60 - 90 min or 2 hour sessions available.
Connect with me for rates and bookings. 



Specialty Session

For Individuals
The mind is a powerful erotic tool. Intertwined, connected, intense.

I am a naturally dominant, experienced woman. I do not require extra furniture or accessories. 

A specialty session could be a sensual dom, dom-massage or a personalized role play session, depending on your interests or issues.

Endless possibilities: Full Body Foot Massage / Foot/body Worship / Spanking / Cross Dressing / Momma Domme / nurturing and dark / Private Photo Session -  my camera only / Shoes - mine, size 7, I have sexy shoes for you in a size 12 / Teacher / Testing / Nurse Aimee / and more... or let Aimee see what comes up.

60 - 90 minute sessions available.
Connect with me for rates and bookings. 



Couples Tantric Journey

For Couples
Enhancing intimate erotic connection

Sensuality is Experiential. Have a shared erotic adventure.
I'm a professional Intimacy and Relationship Coach with Couples and Sex Therapy certifications. My training, intuition, experience and boundaries keep you safe. I create an erotic journey all while respecting, your particular dynamic and her boundaries. Learn my techniques! Explore together with me as your guide. Experience and discover all of you.

Deepen and expand your intimate connection with a real professional with real boundaries, who teaches real solutions for real relationships.

Learn to give and receive sensual touch, pleasure, play, create the sexy safe relationship you dream of with Aimee as your guide ~ together.

Connect in a new way, discover pleasure, explore fantasy or adjust to sexual challenges ~ together.

2 hour to 10 hour Package Available. 
Connect with me for rates and bookings. 

Packages are recommended for all couples! You owe it to yourselves to have a shared safe, sensual experience, together.

Committing to a coaching package keeps couples feeling supported and safe in their sexual connection, desire and continued exploration.



Video Connection

Keep The Connection Going

Intimacy and advice for all parts of your life. 

90minute packages that you can use like a tab - 5 minutes to 90 minutes at a time.



Special Needs

For Individuals & Couples

We all deserved to be held and pleasured in the space of love. My deep fountain of nurturing, empathy, compassion, presence and loving care are authentic. 

I have earned the respect of parents, spouses, doctors, care facilities and caregivers. I support numerous clients with health issues, mental and physical abilities.

Please contact me for details and rates. I come to you ~ with all my heart. 


Safe, Clean and Respectful. No Full Service.